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Why Did They Black The Word Gay? ? Meowsjr’s Thoughts ? Meowsjr’s Blog?!

The Governments & Corporations always say: “Sex, War & Division Make alot of Money!”  They have changed English Language to a way that will benefit them to get all they want from us without us not even knowing it.  It sad but it’s true.

The Word Gay is a perfect example.  If you looked it up in a todays dictionary, the internet, google or anywhere. You will never find the real definition of what the word Gay means.  All you will find is SEX involvement.

The Dictionary, Encyclopedia, The Internet, Tv, Radio and Books were all savataged in a way!

  • If you looked for a definition of a certain word you will only find the definition of what they want you to know and learn.
  • Take WikiPedia for a example.  You type gay in there and its all BLACK. Nothing Good.

I looked in my Mom’s Dictionary of the 1950’s for the Word Gay and I got a total different definition of what they define it now.

Mom’s Dictionary gave me the real Definition of what it is.  Right there is telling me the older the dictionary the more truthful and real the definition will be.

Gee, I guess we should all use the Books from the 1900’s and down and use that.  Cause the books now are totally full of lies and who knows what else.