A Very Place For Chilling Out!

Rules And Regulations!

Welcome To Meowsjr.Com And All My Websites!

Let’s Be As One In This World! Here I have Provided Our Rules. We All Are Here To Be In A Peaceful Place To Chill.

  •  I Do Not Want To See Any Spamming Here. No Ads. No Selling Stuff. Let’s Put It This Way “No Advertising Of Any Kind!”
  • No Discrimination! We Are All Here To Chill Out Not To Insult AnyOne Here.
  • No Giving Out Your PassWords! That PassWord Is For You And For You Only.
  • No Adding Links! Stop Trying To Advertise. No Links Accepted.
  • No Giving Out The Invitation I Sent To You! That Invitation Was Sent To You And No One Else. If You Want To Have Some One Else In There, Tell Them To Buy Me A Coffee Just Like You Did!
  • No Abusing My Bandwhith! Don’t Go Crazy With It.
  • No Copying ! Copy Are For Lazy People.
  • No Abusing My Data! Data Abuse Not Allowed.
  • No Bad Comments Or Insults! There’s A Saying, If You Do Not Have Nothing Good To Say, Don’t Say Nothing At All.
  • This Is A Community That We Can All Get Along, Chilled And Relax!

If I See Anything Unappropriate: You Will Be Blocked And Kicked Out!. Coffee Or No Coffee If You Cannot Act Reasonable Then It’s Simple. You Are Not Welcomed Here! We Are Here To Have A Nice Time To Relax. Not Ruin Things For Other People So For The Rest Of The Rules I Will Add My 3 Dots . . .