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A Dogs Life ~ 1918 ? Meowsjr’s Thoughts ? Meowsjr’s Blog?!

Chaplin and his dog Scraps are fighting it hard to survive in the slums. Living in the streets with no job, no home nor money to come by.  Chaplin is always there for Scraps and Scraps is always there for Chaplin.  They meet Edna and they all join together.  Good Scraps saves  them.

  • Chaplin and Scraps meet Edna
  • Scraps always saves the day!
  • A wonderful home in a farm
  • Scraps with her puppies
  • All of them together they form a Happy Family In a wonderful home with no worries.
  • I Rate This Film ????? Out Of 5 Lions!

This Silent movie of Charlie Chaplin shows the love and understanding for animals and for yourself.  That no matter what circumstances you are in they’re will always be a way.?

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